What is the difference between the A-SIDE and the B-SIDE?

Both versions are cassette tape coffee tables built to scale. The A-SIDE is hand made out of hardwood right here in the USA. A-SIDE also comes with light up cup holders and customization options.
The B-SIDE Table is our newest and lower priced model. It is manufactured overseas, which is how we are able to offer them at the lower price. It is also made from composite not hardwood. Think of the A-SIDE as an original masterpiece painting, and the B-SIDE as the mass-produced print of the same painting.

How long does it take to build the tables?

When in stock, B-SIDE tables will be ready to ship.

A-SIDE tables are all handmade to order. We do some stock of parts made though, so most can ship out in 3-5 days. If you want a special color that is not in stock it can take 3-5 weeks.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes and no. For the A-Side tables we ship anywhere that the standard shipping services go (we may have some trouble getting it to the middle of the rainforest!). We have already shipped tables to Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, England, Spain, and Israel (to name a few). If you are the first person to order an A-SIDE table from your country you get a 10% discount! Email Justin@taybles.com to ask if you qualify.
For the B-Side tables we are currently not shipping out side of the US and Canada. Unfortunately, it is just too costly to ship the B-Side overseas.

How much does international shipping cost?

International shipping cost varies by country and how fast you want the table. Our standard international shipping is Fed-Ex International Economy (Typically arrives to the country within 3-5 days and delivery within each country varies pending customs). Email Justin@taybles.com for pricing for your country.

Can I put whatever I want on my custom label?

We would say yes - within reason... email Taylor@taybles.com if you have questions about specifics.

What do I do if the table arrives damaged?

Email us immediately and take LOTS of pictures of both the table AND the packaging! We need photographs of both for Fed-Ex insurance claims. *All claims must be submitted to us within 1 week of receiving the table for the insurance policy to be processed.

Can I return a table once I buy it?

Unfortunately there are no returns or exchanges for our tables as they are all built to order. All sales are final.

Do I want to buy a table?

Yes. Yes, you do. (But you already knew that)